French Village Sketchbook – Online Edition


I live in the small French village of Quarante. Sitting high on a hill surrounded by vineyards it has a medieval centre with narrow cobbled streets and an impressive church. It has all the charm a French village should have – plus a boulangerie, village shop, a couple of cafés and of course, a winery. Our sketchbook holiday planned for April was to be hosted by Annika at the gorgeous B&B at the top of the village – La Maison de Quarante.

Of course, due to the covid19 virus this holiday was sadly cancelled, so the Online Edition uses some of my photos and videos to give you a quick introduction to Quarante, and we can explore different ways of sketching with line, watercolour and watercolour pencils. I use a reference photo for each sketch, and work through every stage of the drawing step by step.

Each workshop includes 2 sketches, just as it would if we were sketching together here in person. There are 3 workshops in the series, which you can work through individually, or buy the sketchbook bundle and save 25% 😎