My new Online Sketchbook

Well this is a turn up for the books!

Two of my great pleasures are to a) sketch outside and b) spend time with people. One thing I never expected to be doing in Spring 2020 is recording online classes.

Only 6 weeks ago, just as I was about to head off for a sketch week with a lovely group of ladies in the French Alps, cases of Covid19 exploded, and instead of boarding a train, I joined the rest of the French population and went into lockdown.

Like most people, the next fortnight was a bit of a blur like all the stages of grief. Emerging and accepting this new virtual reality, I found myself with an upgraded Zoom account and a 2020 calendar filled with carefully planned events that were not going to happen.

On social media, people have asked me about online tutorials many times and now, during lockdown, it seems the universe has given me a huge covid-shaped push to step into the world of video.


Behind the Scenes

Like all new things it has been a steep technological learning curve, and of course, I’m still learning. Thanks to a very high capacity USB stick and some shiny new LED lights, I am very pleased to say my first Online Sketchbook workshops have finally made it to the screen.

I am filming these videos in our attic, which doubles for my studio space. It’s bright, spacious and (usually) quiet. I’m trying to record everything in ‘real-time’ and the dog is often asleep next to me, so occasionally you may hear some snores or snuffles in the background…

Where, What, How?

The first online workshops will be based on event content I had in the original calendar. There will be a basic list of materials and in addition to tips and advice on sketching I’ll share some other links that you might find interesting too.

These workshops are hosted in a private membership space, which is an extension of this website. You can see more about it here:

As we are sadly not sketching alongside each other in person, I have set-up a private Facebook group to support the workshops. It’s a place to share your sketching highs and lows, ask questions and ‘meet’ other students, just as you would if we were sitting together at a café. It’s not quite the same, I agree, but it is the best alternative I could think of. As an extension of the membership area, it’s also a useful place for me to add additional demos and sketching tips.

Sketching for Absolute Beginners

Free Stuff

The good news (because there’s always good news!) is that a) you can join the membership area for free. It costs nothing to create an account, have a look around and join the Facebook group. Secondly b) there is a free tutorial link in my newsletters, so if you haven’t yet subscribed then you can do that here to make sure you receive a copy of the next one.

On with the Show

It’s very exciting starting something new and I hope that you’ll enjoy the online workshops as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them together. If you have any requests, suggestions or other feedback do please let me know!