Have you received a gift voucher?

If someone has sent you a gift voucher for a commission or a workshop, lucky you!  Here’s a quick guide how to redeem it

Workshops and Online Workshops

Please take a look at the Workshop Calendar to browse the range of topics, dates and locations available. For Online Tutorials please take a look at the list of this page for the current catalogue.

Once you click to book there is an option to add your coupon code, which you will see printed on your voucher.

Please note: An expiry date is indicated on the voucher, so you have plenty of time to choose the right workshop for you. If the sum of the workshop you select is less than the amount you have been gifted, you can carry forward the remaining voucher balance to use on another event or purchase prior to the expiry date shown 🙂

For a special gift like this, please email me to confirm you have received your voucher and we can discuss the kind of painting you’d like me to create, along with the other details such as photos, and even backgrounds and framing.
With a commission gift voucher you are very welcome to visit this page to redeem your gift voucher code and place your order, but I would really prefer to hear from you personally.

If you have any other questions about gift vouchers, or treating someone to a sketching holiday, please don’t hesitate to contact me!