Commissions for Christmas

I know I know … I’m appalled that a blog post in August mentions the ‘C’ word. However, I’ve been working on a few projects lately and it highlighted to me how valuable it is to ‘be prepared’… which, I must add, has been an uphill challenge in a year when all existing plans have been reversed, transferred, postponed or abandoned.

Commissioned work is very special. As an artist, being entrusted to creatively produce something that captures someone’s vision, is a real honour.

In the last few years my commissioned works have included places, both homes and businesses, and pets. I feel I’ve got to know quite a few dogs, after many hours studying and painting their gorgeous faces!

Commissioned work takes time, of course. Not just the artwork itself, but the planning, chatting, framing and delivery – all these additional aspects need to be considered. Rushed work is not the best work – hence this blog post!

So if you have a business, perhaps a beautiful gite or a restaurant, why not feature it as a sketch on a postcard for people to take home next year, or a collection of recipe cards on your website that people can purchase as souvenirs? I can help you with all aspects of the design and printing, or an online shop, if you need one!

Pets, our special 4-legged family members, are always precious, and a watercolour portrait to capture their personality has a very different quality to a photograph (which can also be excellent – of course!).

So if you like my artistic style and would like a unique piece of work for yourself, or someone special, please do get in touch. I’d be truly delighted to hear from you.