New art workshops at Inspiré Azille

 | The doors have recently opened at a ‘new’ art gallery in Azille. Well it’s not entirely new, because Inspire has changed venue from further along the street. The new premises are a lot more suitable, with a dedicated gallery space in addition to bed and breakfast in newly refurbished bedrooms.

I was delighted to join Angie and Matt at their opening night for the new enterprise, and as part of the new programme of events I am holding sketching workshops there too 😊

An art gallery is a lovely quiet space for a workshop, and being situated in a pretty French village there are plenty of options for sketching on location.

Angie and Matt also run a business called Taste Languedoc, so students benefit from a lunch of delicious freshly made tapas and a glass of local wine.

Urban Sketching for the Terrified took place in May and the next Urban Sketching workshop takes place 12 November!