Every Day In …


If you’re a Facebook user you’ll know there are hundreds of different sketching groups you can join. Some are public (ie Urban Sketchers), but most are private (ie Daily Sketchers), offering a ‘closed’ and friendly place for people to share their work in a non-promotional and non-competitive community.

One of the things that we instinctively do, as human beings, is evolve. We learn, we seek to develop, and improve. When it comes to art, we all know there is no single ‘right’ way of making art, or sketching, but to move forward and really feel that sense of improvement in your own self, practice is the only way 😉

However, as we also know – life often gets in the way of our very best intentions! Helping you practice, play and experiment with your art is what I aim to do through my workshops and tutorials. Sometime it’s easier to set the time aside and have a gentle nudge from me, than rely on self-discipline. (Plus we have a lot of fun in the workshops – of course!)

The Every Day in May group started in May 2011 on Flickr. The Flickr group later migrated across to Facebook and sparked an annual initiative to provide a list of sketching prompts for people to follow. There are now worldwide Facebook groups for every month of the year, and I am admin for the one for February.

It’s not easy to keep up with a sketch a day, and it’s very easy to lose motivation once you start falling behind. However, following these groups, will introduce you to a new community of artists that know exactly how you feel, and even if you can’t keep up with the daily prompts, you’ll see ideas or styles that may inspire you to jump back in from time to time.

See you Every Day in February?!