Sketching Beryl

When the Editor, Laurence, asked me if I’d like to submit a sketch for the front cover for the final issue of Languedoc & Provence Sun magazine, I felt really honoured.

Specifically, she wanted something autumnal, and French, so a vineyard it had to be…and what else could make it more quintessentially ‘français’ – than a Citroen 2CV?!

Bless her, Beryl, our vintage 1972 car was once again star of the show. Driving across bumpy tracks is what she does best and she is featured centre stage in the sketch, which I did entirely on location, whilst perched on the back of our estate car.  This was also one of my first forays into video, and we experimented with some timelapse to try and capture the whole thing as I did it (not easily, I may add).

With hindsight the sketch would have been a lot ‘neater’ had I finished it indoors, but like all urban (or in this case rural) sketches it captures a moment in time; and Beryl, in her own small way, has left her mark on local history!