Le Grand Moulin Fête de Noël

Attending this event was a very last minute decision! I have crossed business paths with Jackie, the organiser, on several occasions. She writes articles for the local newspaper amongst other things.

Jackie was quite insistent that I should take some sketches, so with some new twinkling lights acquired and cards for Christmas printed – I agreed.

The domaine, on the main road through Lezignan-Corbieres, is impressive, with a huge cavernous area filled with steel vats and then a larger function room alongside. I think I was only one of two English speaking stands exhibiting, and visitor numbers were sadly restricted due to the gilet jaunes protests and riots taking place further along the road. I was glad to sell several items, but the low numbers seemed a terrible shame for those that rely on Christmas sales to keep their businesses running the rest of the year.

Nonetheless, wine flowed (of course), wild boar was roasted on a spit outside, even hens and turkeys were wandering in the courtyard. It’s a delightful Christmas event. If you are looking for genuine local and interesting products – do pop along.