From Château to Canal du Midi – le film!

On a beautiful Thursday in June we had a lovely sketch workshop at Chateau les Carrasses. It’s such a beautiful setting and the group were fabulous. Everyone decided to stay for lunch and relax in the shade – it was another incredibly hot day.

After lunch I had to rush down to Capestang where a group were waiting for me to film the next ‘canal’ section of a video for the tourist office. My job, it turned out, was to be bundled into an electric boat and dropped off on a grassy bank, further up the canal. From here, I was told, I needed to do a sketch – and paint it – in 4 minutes. REALLY?!


I don’t think I have ever sketched anything quite so fast. The camera crew went up and down the canal a couple of times, filming me, the lonely and ‘very warm’ sketcher you’ll see a couple of times in the clip below 😉

It was a good fun experience, and I’m glad I took part!  The completed video is a very good representation of the Capestang area, and some of the best of life here in summer.