We spend 2 wonderful days urban sketching in Montpellier ( a week ago) with Annette and a small crew of like minded artists. I don’t know any one more passionate about what they do than Annette. She inspires and will give you confidence, with a good measure of guidance to start or build on your art journey.
On that note, Urban sketching is a way to introduce you to new places, discover new foods and make new friends. And unbeknown to you, you will inadvertently discover that you bring happiness to those around you. People will peer at your work and make comments (sometimes) , others will want to take a photo of you sketching .. and I think you become an inspiration to others who would like to do the same.
So do yourself a favour .. get off the merry go round and indulge in the pleasure of Urban sketching …


David C. - November 2023

I recently took part in a Sketching morning with Annette and 3 other ladies. I am a beginner which didn’t matter amongst the more experienced. Advice and tips were given throughout the session which was very relaxing and fun. I’d recommend this to everyone. thank you Annette I’ll see you in Puisserguier.

Robert H. - August 2023

Have just finished a workshop tour with the amazingly patient, creative and inspiring Annette Morris – couldn’t have asked ffor a better teacher. Annette was so encouraging & gave generously of her time, ideas & those ‘secret’ sketching spots that were so varied & inspiring. Fab holiday!

Ann C. - June 2023

Still buzzing nearly a week after Springtime in Paris with Annette. Excelled all my expectations and if you want Paris to get into your soul, and not just be a tourist, this is the way to do it! It’s exciting, exhilarating and enlightening and I recommend a good pair of comfy shoes along with a good quality sketchbook. Annette is not just an accomplished artist, she is an encouraging teacher who also happens to be the best tour guide, bus planner, café connoisseur, reserver of restaurants and much much more! You will never look at Paris in the same way and as a bonus you will meet a special band of brothers. You’ll come home with an extraordinary sketchbook souvenir.

Gillian A. - May 2023

Just enjoyed an energetic weekend in Paris sketching with Annette Morris Art . We covered many of the best known landmarks, and managed very brief, longer, and full-length sketching sessions. It was wonderful to concentrate on drawing, without having to think about route-finding, where to eat, and locations for coffee and recuperation, because Annette had that all planned. it was fun to work with like-minded people, and as usual, we all looked at the same thing but saw something completely different. I have ended up with some memorable sketches in themselves, some sketch material to develop, and enough photographs to take me through the winter! I genuinely recommend any session Annette runs as manager: I look forward to another one myself. Brian Stone.

Brian S. - May 2023

Annette is an ideal teacher for both beginners, and experienced sketchers and water-colourists. She’s patient, encouraging and suggests new techniques to try. She helps you discover your own style which is so refreshing ! I learnt so much and had so much fun. Thank you Annette for a brilliant sketching holiday and for sharing your love of Languedoc with us. I will be back next year all the way from Sydney Australia.

Catherine S. - June 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the sketching weekend in Paris with Annette Morris. Annette led a well thought out and interesting course. I had not sketched in a long time and was a relative beginner, but I grew and was challenged in a good way during this weekend. The group size was perfect and Annette helped create a cohesive group spirit and a supportive atmosphere. This sketching weekend was a marvelous way to see a city with fresh eyes! Meeting lovely people with the same interests in art was an added bonus.

Carla F. - May 2022

Just home after an amazing sketching trip to Paris with Annette and a fabulous group. Can’t recommend this trip highly enough! It was a brilliant experience seeing Paris as a sketcher. Lots of opportunities for quick sketches, photographs, interspersed with sightseeing whilst walking and bus trips but plenty of stops for refreshments at some fantastic cafés and restaurants. Annette made the weekend such a special experience with attention to detail, making sure we had a memorable trip seeing lots of what Paris has to offer and have many lovely memories – and sketches- of a great weekend. Looking forward to adding to my sketchbook now that I’m home. Thank you so much Annette 🧑‍🎨🇫🇷

Catherine B. - May 2023

I had a great sketching weekend in Quarante! Annette is a wonderful and inspiring teacher. Thank you Anette 😀

Harriet G. - April 2023

I spent the weekend sketching with Annette and a lovely group of women. I’m an absolute beginner and Annette was so helpful, a great teacher and a very talented artist who has inspired me to sketch and water colour and its now my new favourite thing to do. ☺️

Wendy G. - April 2023

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