Daily Sketchers

There are literally thousands of special interest groups on Facebook. If you have a hobby of any kind, there will be a group of strangers out there with the same passion (or obsession) and on the whole, it’s a positive thing to connect with people of a similar mindset.

In the creative arena, there’s a huge amount to be gained from joining an art group. You will see new styles, pick up ideas, learn different ways of doing things and about the Aladdin's cave of artist materials available for you to buy.

Some groups are more heavily ‘policed’ than others, and most good ones will have clear rules. Often, and this is just my view, groups with over 3000 members need very clear rules, because there are just too many people and posts to keep track of.

I belong to several very large groups on Facebook and I must admit I don’t follow them regularly. There are just way too many posts for me to keep up with, and some are not always pleasant. I do, however, like the smaller groups, not just because there are fewer notifications, but you get to know more about the people you’re sharing ‘Facebook’ space with, and exchanges feel a little more personal.

One of these groups, Daily Sketchers, was set up by an artist called Chris Carter in America. I really liked the group, for the simple reason that it was not about anything other than sharing work, of any kind. It was small and relaxed and friendly, and was not about promotion. Just art, and sketching.

Chris announced that she wanted to pursue other interests and delete the group, which seemed a great shame, so in October I ‘took over’ the role of group admin. It morphed into the new Daily Sketchers #amsketching group, but along extremely similar lines.

If you’d like to join you will be very welcome. The fun and friendly Daily Sketchers group is here ...

Daily Sketchers - #amsketching