My new Online Sketchbook

Well this is a turn up for the books! Two of my great pleasures are to a) sketch outside and b) spend time with people. One thing I never expected to be doing in Spring 2020 is recording online classes. … Read More

Painting in Provence

For the second year running, Sketching for Foodies and other Sketch Languedoc holidays have been included in the annual guide to Painting Holidays in Provence… Read More

The accident book

We are conditioned not to make mistakes, to err, to be on the wrong side of ‘right’. As a creative, this conditioning spells big trouble with a capital T. What makes a line bad, or a paint colour the wrong … Read More

Salon d’Art

I recently participated in the Salon d’Arts in Marcorignan. This 2 day event gives local artists and creators an opportunity to share their work for sale or by commission.… Read More

Croquis Café

From November through to March, some new 2hour Croquis Café workshops are available on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in Béziers, Capestang, Narbonne and Carcassonne.… Read More


If you’re unable to take part in a local event then please join me in Sketchtember and sketch from home! … Read More

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